Are you familiar with GEO Fencing?

Are you taking advantage of GEO Fencing?

If not, PHONE Bandits can help you!

GEO Fencing is the most powerful technology that exists today for marketing and advertising – and it’s incredibly inexpensive.

Here’s how it works – PHONE Bandits will set up what’s called a ‘GEO Fence’ around all of your competitor’s businesses. We will then send a banner ad and an E-Mail message promoting YOUR business to every customer that enters on to your competitor’s location. The ads and E-Mail messages we send will hit their phones within 1.7 seconds of their visit to that business. Just imagine the amount of market share you can take back by using GEO Fencing!

How do we do it? Simply provide us with the names of the businesses you would like to put a fence around – and we’ll do the rest! We will fence their locations, we will develop the banner ads and marketing messages, and then we’ll even provide you with every bit of personal information you can imagine from anyone and everyone that visits your competitors lots. Information such as – names, addresses, phone number, year make and model of the car they drive, their credit score within 50 points, e-mail addresses, web sites visited, and much more.

We will then help you use this important information to continue to market to them using platforms like Ringless Voice Mail, Text Message Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, and Direct Mail.

Many of our clients are even using GEO Fencing to market to prospects that attend car shows, trade shows, home shows, automobile races, sporting events, and more. There is no reason to rent a booth at a trade show to meet just a handful of the attendees. Allow us to GEO Fence the trade show and we will market to every attendee at the show for you, and we’ll supply you with all of their contact information so you can continue to market to them long after the trade show has ended. We can GEO Fence any location on the planet!


  1. PHONE Bandits will GEO Fence your competitor’s location using satellite technology and GPS coordinates. Simply supply us with the names of your competitor’s and we will do the rest.
  2. As soon as your competitor’s customers enter your competitor’s location, PHONE Bandits will immediately push banner ads to their mobile devices from your company. Ads are pushed directly to the customers mobile app’s and also to their mobile web browsers. PHONE Bandits will also push an e-mail message to their e-mail address.
  3. Then, PHONE Bandits will secure the customers name, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit score within 50-points, web sites visited, and year-make-model of their vehicle.
  4. PHONE Bandits will then share the customers information with you, and work with you to continue to market to the customer using Ringless Voice Mail, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, and Text Message Marketing.
  5. PHONE Bandits Call Center Services can also help you contact and manage all of your leads by scheduling appointments for your sales team and hot transferring customers directly to your sales team.

​​To learn more about GEO Fencing or for a custom pricing proposal for your business please call us today at 800-250-6512 or e-mail us at